Press Brake Safety Information

Part Revolution Mechanical Press Safety

If your machine uses a mechanical-friction clutch, updating it by adding an air cylinder to the part revolution control will make it safer to use. In addition, you should also consider adding one of the following OSHA and ANSI recognized devices to safeguard the point of operation.

Barrier guards – A simple, commonly used solution that involves installing a physical barrier around the contact area that will allow the unit to function just the same while disallowing the passage of the operator’s hands into the point of operation. Barrier guards may be paired with Foot Control, a pedal at the base of the operational post that must be held down in order for the press cycle to activate.

Presence Sensing Devices – Sometimes referred to as “light curtains,” they use an infrared grid or laser beam to create an invisible barrier that if broken by the operator’s hand will reverse or stop the press immediately.

Two-Hand Controls – This method requires the operator to simultaneously hold down two start buttons, forcing them to keep their hands clear of the point of operation.

Pullback/Pullouts – This refers to a pair of wrist bands usually connected to an overhead beam with a precise amount of slack allotted that allows the operator to reach their hands out to only a certain distance. This prevents them from reaching into the point of operation, though they may be adjusted during use. Restraints are very similar, but cannot be adjusted during use.

Gates – Type ‘A’ gates shut and stay closed to isolate the point of operation from the operator during the cycle, but they open when the machine is not in cycle. Type ‘B’ gates close just before the pinch point, and open along with the motion of the slide when it comes back up.

For More Information on Press Brake Safety Requirements

To learn about these regulations and requirements, visit the OSHA website.

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