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OSHA Standards for Machine Safety

Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA)

OSHA standards are important for workplace safety. OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The US Congress found OSHA in 1970 as part of the US Department of Labor. The goal was to establish a regulatory standard for workplaces with potentially hazardous or dangerous environments. Its guidelines protect both employees and employers from accidents and injuries in the workplace. OSHA enforces standards for the workplace, and seeks to inform and educate about the risks involved with using various machinery and equipment.

OSHA Visit

The OSHA may send a representative or group of representatives to inspect machinery and equipment at your workplace in person. Safety devices get approval from OSHA on a case by case basis. You can expect a visit from OSHA on what type of safety guards and equipment you are running.

OSHA Standards Compliance

OSHA standards compliance is extremely important. Not only does compliance protect your employees, but it also ensures that your workplace legally clears minimum safety requirements. Not following OSHA or another regulatory body that is recognizable as legitimate in a court of law could have serious repercussions. Safeguarding your workers also means safeguarding your company from potentially detrimental legal action due to onsite accidents.

OSHA Standards Inspection

After inspection from OSHA representatives, if there is a violation of any OSHA standards, a citation or “notice of de minimis” will be issued. Measures must be taken to correct the violation before the equipment in question is approved to resume operation. Depending on the nature of the violation, the result of a citation could be several things. This includes the discontinuation of use of equipment until approved safeguarding measures have been installed. Failure to correct a violation will result in further citations with more severe penalties.
osha standards

OSHA’s Letter of Approval

OSHA issues letter of approvals after all safety standards have been met. For an example of what a OSHA letter approval looks like, visit Metal Tech Controls Corp’s letter of approval on presence sensing devices. To view Metal Tech Controls complete line of safety products visit their product page.

“We understand the importance of safety, and want to make sure we produce a product that keeps our customers, and their employees safe.” – Metal Tech Controls Corp.

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