Press Brake Safety Information

Hydraulic Press Brake Safety

Safeguarding hydraulic units can be done in three different ways:

Barrier guards – these are often used in combination with foot pedal control.

Two-Hand Trips – This method involves simultaneous ‘start’ buttons, requiring the operator’s hands to be clear from the point of operation in order to initiate the cycle, but the buttons do not need to be held continuously like the two-hand control method.

Presence Sensing Devices – There are many different kinds, but they all create a barrier that will reverse or stop the press if triggered.

Other press brakes share safety options with the hydraulic press

Hydra-Mechanical Press

A hydra-mechanical press shares the same safety device options as a hydraulic press, partly due to its similarity in functionality.

Mechanical-Friction Clutch Press

Although this type of press brake is different from hydraulic and hydra-mechanical, it also shares the same three options.

All three methods work in combination with an operator foot pedal.

For More Information on Press Brake Safety Requirements

To learn about the regulations and requirements of each device, visit the OSHA website.

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